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Happiness Cubed

Levels Are More Fun In Video Games

I feel like I’ve been sitting here staring at my screen for an eternity. The blank page seems so intimidating as I try to figure out how to tell you ...

The Post About The Bridge

Depression is kind of a strange thing. I sat in the doctor’s office two weeks ago, with Pat by my side, and told my doctor how I had been feeling ...

A Spectrum Of Possibilities

Xander gets regular respite care a few days a week, and he has a new worker as of today. We were all quite sad when we learned that his past ...


My Miss You

He used to tell me that he loved me. When he lost ...

Every Single Day: Being A Special Needs Parent

  Being a special needs parent is… Accepting challenges. Not always with ...

Top Ten Responses I Wish I Had The Guts To Say

As a follow up of sorts to my post on what I ...

Latest News

Preschool? Are You Calling Me Old?

Well, I said that I wasn’t going to write a post about Xander starting school, but here we are. XANDER IS STARTING SCHOOL! Holy crap. The way it works here is that when a child has been diagnosed with a severe delay they can potentially receive funding for up to 2 years of preschool. Before […]

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Yeah, It’s Hard

People ask me all kinds of questions about life with Xander, but the other day while chatting with someone at the dog park I was asked “Is it hard? You know, raising a child with Autism. Is it hard?” Without even thinking about the answer I replied “YES.” But when I thought about how to […]

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The Silence Does Me In

Every morning I wake up to their sounds. Quick little footsteps, gleeful screeching, the steady bang-bang-bang of D’Angelo’s feet on the wall… always noises. The slurping of Apple Jacks and chocolate milk, the crashing of toy cars, the steady hum of Xander’s scripted words. My voice blends with theirs as I race around, pausing only […]

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Here We Go Again: Damien’s Turn

I’m all out of good introductions so I’m just going to come out and say that we are going to start the assessment process for Damien Angelo. It’s not like his communication delays are a shock to me, neither are his odd behaviours, but there is no denying that hearing these same things from a […]

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Back Again: The Road To Control

I am here and I have coffee, and that is good enough for today. It’s been a long few weeks, folks. Xander has had reactions to two new medications that we have tried and we are currently trying out a third. The first med we tried was a complete bust and caused Xander to be […]

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