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Why I Miss My Father In-Law. (It Has Nothing To Do With Aim)

Why I Miss My Father In-Law. (It Has Nothing To Do With Aim)

Why do I miss my Father in-law?

I suppose this is an odd question that most people don’t ask themselves. It’s kind of odd for me too.
After all this is the man who thinks Smarties are a food group, that it’s a good idea to ask a 2 year old if he wants to go play outside at 9pm, and is too soft spoken to tell the kids “no” to anything.
Most of our conversations involve me making (obviously hilarious and witty) jokes at his expense, which he counteracts by trying to feed the children chocolate or some other no-no act. Taking into consideration that we share a house, and even though it has two completely separate living areas, we see each other multiple times a day. This little dance has become such a routine for us, and I had no idea how much I enjoyed our talks until he left.
Before you start with the awwwww-ing and the tears I should probably mention that he’s coming back. He is on a vacation in the Philippines and is enjoying the sun and the warmth and the food for a few weeks while us suckers in Canada are wondering if we’ll get one last snowfall before summer hits. He’s got A/C, a swimming pool and drivers. I’m kind of worried that it’s all going to go to his head and he’ll expect more from us when he comes home!
I am definitely thankful that my Mom in-law is still here. No matter how sad I am that Dad is gone, I know we’ll be okay. Where as I am pretty sure I would die a very long and drawn out  Oscar worthy death without my MIL around. She is the glue that holds us together.

My kids adore having their grandparents so close. It makes me so happy that we get along well enough to live together. Everyone does their part to keep the house running like a well oiled machine, and it just works for us.

This is probably another reason why we miss Dad so much right now. With him gone we are left to take over the yard work, the garbage and the recycling along with the fixing of little things around the house. It’s tough work! We are “lucky” (and I use that term very loosely in this context) enough to have a massive corner lot with a great amount of grass and gardens that need at least some tending. Mom loves working with the flowers so that part is covered, but it still leaves the raking, fertilizing and mowing to us along with ant and weed control. You are probably wondering why it is so tough for us to do this when we are 2 30-somethings, yet our Dad (age with held) can do it all no problem.
The answer?
Our kids are crazy.
Actually I’m pretty convinced that all kids are crazy. Having kids around (especially the two littlest ones) while trying to be productive is like swimming with boots on.

After I dumped the fertilizer into the spreader,  I hear Xan yell “Yum, Mama! Cookies!” and turn around just in time to see him put one of the small pieces into his mouth. Damien is playing in his excersaucer outside to keep him away from the ants as we haven’t had time to destroy the nests yet, but he somehow manages to get dirt everywhere. Probably with some help from the fertilizer eating 2 year old, who obviously is taking the whole “sharing” thing a tad too seriously.
Plus our conversations are getting weirder than normal….
“We can’t use the soil from that pile. Tyler brought a worm home from the park and now he lives there.”
“Where’s the sprinkler?”
“I don’t know. Ask Da…. oh wait. Right. What time is it in the Phils, can we call him?”

People like Pat and I are the reason that landscapers have jobs, and parents like Mom and Dad are the reason why multigenerational homes work.
But also, daughters in-law like me bring sunshine and rainbows to everyone, right Dad?
I wonder what time it is in the Philippines…….


3 Responses to “Why I Miss My Father In-Law. (It Has Nothing To Do With Aim)”

  1. Gina
    May 8, 2012 at 3:31 pm #

    Another great read, Dawn. Oh, and ” Oscar worthy death”, lol, you have such a way of describing things. Love it!

  2. paula gates
    May 9, 2012 at 4:40 am #

    what a great way to start my day reading your blog,almost had tears but then read dad was on vacation,lol,,cannot wait till your next blog!!!!!!! love you dawn

  3. Dawn-Marie
    May 10, 2012 at 7:28 am #

    Gina: Haha, it’s the truth!
    Paula: I’m glad you like it so much! Love you too!

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